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Why the name Roots To Results Counseling?

The name Roots To Results Counseling started from research surrounding the similarities between plant life and human life. Like plants, real, lasting change has to come from the roots and when trauma happens, we have to go to the place where it started. That may seem 'out there' or strange but think about it....like plants, we require the right food, water, shelter, and conditions to thrive!

Does Roots To Results Counseling, LLC. collaborate with other agencies?

Yes! We love keeping a vast network of providers and agencies! We offer trainings to agency staff as well as collaborate (when permitted) with other agencies you may also be involved with! We collaborate with providers of other services and provide reffers as needed.

Does Roots To Results Counseling, LLC. offer financial assistance?

Yes! For those who want to see the therapist for services but do not have insurance/ the insurance is not accepted here, we do offer private pay and sliding scale options if needed. For more information, please email us at info@rootstoresultsrva.com

Is Roots To Results Counseling, LLC. offering in-person sessions?

Unfortunately, as of right now, we are not offering in-person sessions. However, we would LOVE to see you virtually!